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The Making of the 2020 Chinese New Year Dinner - A Glimpse into Multiple Classic Chinese Recipe's

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

Chinese new year, AKA the Chinese spring festival, is the single most important celebration for Chinese people. And the Chinese new year's eve is the most important day of this festival. We, Chinese people, always choose to celebrate with food. :)

This is THE meal of the year. Every home chef will bring his/her A game to the table, cooking dishes so abundant and tasty that the whole family would stay on the table for a long time, to toast, to chat, and to cherish the precious time together.

Despite being far away from home, me and a few friends still choose to celebrate this day with passion to honour the traditions.

3 self-claimed chefs, cooking for 5 while making food enough to feed about 10.

4 hours of diligent (and intelligent) working, out it comes this awesome table of feast!

Hereby a short "documentary" of how this dinner came to life.

Does the food look appealing to you? Which one do you want to learn the most?

Let me know in the comment and you might get the recipe soon! :)



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