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A curious food lover.

A passionate Chinese culture promoter.

Hi there! I’m Yang, born and raised in a “small” mountain city in the southern part of China. 

I grew up following my mom and grandma in the kitchen, watching them doing all kinds of cooking magic and putting tasty meals everyday on the table. Enjoying all kinds of Chinese dishes with family and friends, is my most vivid and fondest memory. And thanks to those years of quality food “training”, I developed a picky taste bud that constantly and actively searches for awesome food.

Throughout 10 years of living in Europe, travelling and/or working in 30+ countries, I thoroughly enjoyed the vibes of international cuisines and different food culture. Whether it’s from African tribes or from the Norwegian forests, Michelin stars or street food,  as long as the food is tasty, I embrace them whole-heartedly. 

Food for me is the best representative of the culture and spirit of a country or a region. It transcends its look and taste and gives a direct impression of the local people, life, geography, history and culture.

I take a lot of pride in my home country’s food culture.  Needless to waste word count on describing how broad, complex and deep the Chinese food culture is, I am dedicating this website to introducing and exploring the authentic flavours of China mainly for 2 personal reasons.

First, Chinese food is my favourite. Second, I find Chinese food so frequently mis-represented around the world outside of China.  I really would love to introduce and promote the Chinese food and culture to the world in its authentic way, just like how the world showed me how wonderful other countries’ cuisine can be.

If this website in any way help you, my readers, get to know a bit more about the authentic Chinese food and culture, it means the world to me.

Enjoy! ☺️

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