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Learn Chinese Home Cooking Fundamentals In 6 Tasty recipes

Chinese cooking is not as complicated as you might think.


  • If you are intimidated by the racks of foreign sauces and ingredients,

  • If you think you don’t have the “special” Chinese cooking equipment to start,• 

  • If you’re worried that Chinese cooking is just too complex and is for professionals only,• 


Then throw away those concerns, and join this course!

In this course, I’ll address your concerns by:

  • Learning and applying the 5 key Chinese sauces. Yes, only 5.

  • Using main ingredients that are vastly available in supermarkets and local markets. 

  • Cooking with common cooking equipment: chef’s knives (no cleaver), a frying pan and a stew pot, and household stove.

  • Structuring the course lectures like a staircase, progressing from easy to advanced level.



After this course, you will be able to cook authentic Chinese dishes at home.

More specifically, you will:

  • Master 6 hand-picked recipes that you can cook with common cooking equipment.

  • Learn & apply the 5 sauces that create most of Chinese flavours.

  • Tailor & vary each recipe to your own preference by adapting the ingredients.

  • Familiarise with the key Chinese cooking techniques (scalding, stir frying, steaming, stewing)

  • Equipped with some nice transferrable Chinese cooking tips & tricks

The course is structured as below:

  1. Introduction to the 5 key Chinese sauces

  2. Recipe 1: Scaled lettuce with garlic

  3. Recipe 2: Quick & easy Tomato egg soup

  4. Recipe 3: Yang Zhou fried rice

  5. Recipe 4: Steamed chicken with shiitake

  6. Recipe 5: Stir fry pork belly with eggplant

  7. Recipe 6: Beef stew with radish

  8. Next steps to continued learning & practicing Chinese cooking

You will get these resources as well:

  • 6 downloadable recipes PDFs: 
    The recipe PDFs are step by step with picture examples. You can use the them during cooking, and/or share them with your friends.

  • 6 downloadable lecture key takeaways PDFs: 
    You can recap on the key cooking tips, and learn about possible adaptions to create your own recipes.

This course also comes with Udemy’s 30-day full-money-back guarantee. 

So, why not give this course a try?

Enroll now, and let’s have some cooking fun!



A curious food lover.

A passionate Chinese culture promoter.

Hi there! I’m Yang, born and raised in a “small” mountain city in the southern part of China. 


I grew up following my mom and grandma in the kitchen, watching them doing all kinds of cooking magic and putting tasty meals everyday on the table. Enjoying all kinds of Chinese dishes with family and friends, is my most vivid and fondest memory. And thanks to those years of quality food “training”, I developed a picky taste bud that constantly and actively searches for awesome food.


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