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Cook Your 6 Favourite Chinese Restaurant Dishes At Home

Welcome to the Part 2 of my Chinese Home Cooking course series:

Cook Your 6 Favourite Chinese Restaurant Dishes At Home.

Are there a few dishes in your local Chinese restaurant that you just can’t have enough of?

Do you want to bring your favourite dishes to your own kitchen, and enjoy them anytime that you like?

Then, you are at the right place.

In this course, I’ll teach you the 6 most beloved and authentic dishes in Chinese restaurants abroad. 

Step by step, authentic and home-friendly.

They are:

  • Wok noodles with salt & pepper shrimps

  • Ma Po Tofu

  • Kung Po Chicken

  • Cha Siu | Hong Kong BBQ Pork

  • Sweet & Sour Pork

  • Wonton Soup

There’s more to it.

Through the 6 recipes, you will also:

  • Learn and apply the 5 essential Chinese sauces that create most of Chinese flavours

  • Cook with 5 advanced Chinese sauces/spices that open the door to Cantonese and Sichuan cuisine

  • Make some classic Chinese sauces such as KungPo, Sweet & Sour, Cha Siu, Salt & Pepper

  • Familiarise with key Chinese cooking techniques

  • Acquire some transferable Chinese cooking tricks

This course is designed for home cooking.

There is no need to acquire special cooking equipment. The common household cooking equipment will be sufficient.y

We also only cook with ingredients vastly available in western supermarkets. 

You only need to acquire the 10 sauces mentioned in the preview lectures to start cooking.

You will also get 6 downloadable recipe PDFs .

They are step-by step recipe guides with picture examples. You can use the them during cooking, and/or share them with your friends.


This course is the Part 2 of my Chinese Home Cooking course series.

If you are an absolute beginner in cooking and Chinese cooking, ideally you start with the Part 1 of the course series to build up some fundamentals, and avoid a steep learning curve.

However, it’s also no problem at all if you take this course directly, gather a bit more practice and patience, you will have a lot of fun cooking! 

This course also comes with Udemy’s 30-day full-money-back guarantee.

So, what are you still hesitating about?

why not give this course a try?

Enroll now, and let’s have some cooking fun!



A curious food lover.

A passionate Chinese culture promoter.

Hi there! I’m Yang, born and raised in a “small” mountain city in the southern part of China. 


I grew up following my mom and grandma in the kitchen, watching them doing all kinds of cooking magic and putting tasty meals everyday on the table. Enjoying all kinds of Chinese dishes with family and friends, is my most vivid and fondest memory. And thanks to those years of quality food “training”, I developed a picky taste bud that constantly and actively searches for awesome food.


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