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3-Cup Chicken Wings in Luxury Style - The Rice Terminator #home cooking COVID-19#

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

It's another usual day that I miss my hometown food.

Coming from Jiangxi Province of China, I am used to strong flavoured dishes that goes along perfectly with rice. 3-Cup Chicken is one of the signature dishes of my province, which never cease to revoke my memory of home flavours.

To cook this in the Netherlands with local ingredients, I've adapted the recipe a bit:

  • Changed the original chicken leg meat with bones to chicken wings. It's hard to find chopped chicken leg with bones here, and I don't want to chop the bones myself..

  • Added dried shiitake mushroom and winter bamboo as ingredients. Shiitake gives a really unique umami flavour, while winter bamboo brings the crunchy and fresh texture. They both adds variety to the dish, making it "luxury".

  • Added basil leaves. 3-Cup Chicken originated in Jiangxi Province, but really got popular in Taiwan. The soul of the Taiwan-styled 3-cup chicken is the basil leave. I very much like this particular add-on which gives a fresh herbal flavour and improves the dish's aesthetics.

So, here we go. The video for making Luxury Styled 3-Cup Chicken Wings.

Oh and a bonus dish: Lettuce in Oyster Sauce. Healthy life requires the balance of meat and veggies. ;) ;)

Have you managed to make the 3-cup chicken wings? Show me your result in the comment area.

Ingredients (for 2 portions):

  • 12 chicken wings, 10 shiitake, 2 frozen winter bamboo. 1 lettuce. c.a. 10g basil leaves. A bit of chives.

  • Half of a whole garlic (7/8 cloves?), ginger, fresh chilli, dried chilli

  • light & dark soy sauce, rice liquor, sesame oil, dark vinegar, white pepper. 2 crystal sugar. Shrimp paste if you have.


3-Cup Chicken Wings:

  • Soak the shiitake, de-freeze the winter bamboo, 1h in advance. Wash the shiitake and cut into chunks. Cut the bamboo into big cubes.

  • Wash the wings until the water is clear. Stripe on both sides.

  • Marinate the wings for 15 minutes with: 1 table spoon light soy sauce, 1 tbs dark soy sauce, 1/2 tbs rice liquor, some white pepper and salt

  • Lightly smash the garlic, cut the ginger into pieces, cut the fresh chilli.

  • Heat the pan and add oil. Melt 2 crystal sugar inside. Fry the chicken wings, 2 minutes on each side.

  • Throw in the garlic, chilli & ginger, stir. Throw in the shiitake and winter bamboo, stir. Add a few dried chilli, pour in the shiitake water until it just covers the wings.

  • Bring the bouillon to boil, and stew for 15-20 minutes under medium/low heat.

  • Throw in the basil leaves, stir evenly and put in the plate. Sprinkle the chives as finishing touch.

Lettuce in Oyster Sauce:

  • Mince 2 garlic cloves. Mince 2 small slices of ginger.

  • Boil the washed lettuce in boiled water for 2 minutes.

  • Make sauce: 1 tbs light soy sauce, 0.5 tbs dark vinegar, 0.5 tbs oyster sauce. Some white pepper, and a bit shrimp paste (if you have).

  • Pour the sauce on the cooked lettuce.

  • Heat up some oil, fry the ginger and garlic. Pour over the lettuce.

Enjoy your meal!



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