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Learn In One Minute: Low Fat Stir Fry Courgette With Bacon & Oyster Mushroom #home cooking COVID-19#

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

This is my 3rd week of quarantine during COVID-19. It's so easy to lose track of life, daily rituals, exercises and fun when we are staying the whole day at home, day and night.

So do I. I have been slacking so much. Stopped editing videos while a long queue in my media library. Not cooking much since the ingredients I want are not always available. Not eating much either since I'm not moving much. Discipline is gone.

Well, at last, I managed to get my ass together. Here is a new series of cooking videos: Learn in one minute. The aim is to show the process of each recipe in just one minute of time. Concise and to the point.

Inspired by the constant shortage in supermarket supply, I am making Episode 1 just using the most normal and abundant ingredients in the supermarket: Courgette, bacon, mushrooms. I've never seen them off the shelf.

Despite simple, this recipe is definitely tasty, and healthy. Infused with bacon flavour, but no additional fat, the courgette and oyster mushrooms offers perfect balance in texture. The full recipe is at the back of the video. Make a screen shot and use it next time you are cooking. ;)

I hope you like the new recipe, and also like my new video style. Tell me in the comment. :)

Enjoy some cooking fun at home!



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