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How To Cook Marinated Soft Boiled Egg: Ajitsuke Tamago

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

For every bowl of ramen, I have to add the Ajitsuke Tamago: marinated soft-boiled egg.

The half running yolk with a mystery texture, the ring of soy sauce marinade on the outside. And the complex flavours that's infused all the way through to the egg yolk.... It's pure indulgence!

As a crazy fan for ramen eggs, I've set on the journey to find my favourite recipe. After a few trial and error, HERE WE ARE!

Check out the recipe video below!

A few tips for cooking the marinated soft boiled eggs:

  • Let the eggs return to room temperature before boiling

There is a common problem of exploding eggs while boiling. The cracks on the shells will damage the integrity of the egg: aka, the eggs won't have a smooth texture nor can we really control how hard they're boiled.

A simple solution is to bring the eggs to room temperature before putting them into boiling water. This will significantly reduce the chance of eggs exploding.

There is also an even safer solution for the hardcore home chefs. Use a needle to crack a whole on the bottom of the eggs, so that the extra air and pressure has an escape route during cooking.

  • The cooling down process for both the eggs and the marinade is essential

We all want perfectly cooked eggs to our own preference, no more, no less. So after cooking them to the set timing, we need to cool down the eggs immediately to stop them from further heating. Change the cold water bath frequently, or use a lot of ice cubes to help the eggs calm down asap.

Also, since our marinade needs to be heated before use, it also needs to cool down fully before contacting the eggs. Let the sauce pan also take a cold water bath to accelerate the process.

  • The marinade can be re-used. Boil them again before re-use.

We don't have to pour away that large amount of sauces every time. Make sure they are boiled again before re-use to kill any potential bacteria. I have used my sauce for 3 weeks with 2 batches of eggs. The 2nd batch tastes as good.

Have fun marinating eggs!

Download the detailed recipe here:

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