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Pulled King Oyster Mushroom Salad in Chinese Style - Your Summer Treat

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

It’s officially summer time here - my favourite season of the Netherlands!

The temperature finally stays warm and stable, the humidity rises, and the sun is shining from 6am to 9pm everyday. It’s simply heaven!

Except.... that I don’t feel like warm food nor massive cooking in this weather. There gotta be a better appetite solution than just eating leafy salads! Right?

This is when I turn to this Chinese cold plate - Pulled King Oyster Mushroom “salad”.

Check out the cooking video below, and download the detailed recipe at the end of the post!

Why do I like this recipe

1. This King Oyster Mushroom Salad is freaking tasty!

Yes, it’s a “salad” because it’s better consumed cold. However, there is no compromise in taste for the little cooking effort. The unique umami of king oyster mushrooms is steamed and infused in every fibre of itself. Then we are going to make our very own chilli-oil spice sauce, which coats perfectly over each stripes of the king oyster mushrooms.

2. This King Oyster Mushroom Salad is easy to cook!

Don’t get me wrong, when I say easy, I don’t mean the “take the supermarket pre-cut lettuce out and pour bottled sauce” level of easy. We gotta pour some heart and soul and…work into our food.

For this salad, there is no need to stir or stand long time next to a hot stove. Just simple steaming and boiling, no worries of sweat in the summer heat.

Although hand-pulling can be somehow a tedious task, it's quite essential in order to achieve a natural texture. Maybe try think it as a stress releaser after work? It might put you back a mindless zen mode. ;)

3. The King Oyster Mushroom Salad is a rare hearty vegan dish!

This salad is not created to fit to the hip concept of vegan. It’s just so hearty and delicious, and happens to be a vegan dish.

Unlike a kale salad which tries to pull out all the reserves in my body and makes me even more hungry afterwards, this King Oyster Mushroom salad actually nourishes me, comforts me and pampers me. If you are a vegan longing for a fulfilling dish that satisfy the appetite and not just the hunger, this salad is a must-try!

Last but not the least, this recipe is not exclusive for summer time of course. It's perfectly fine if you want to eat it warm. Use it as a noodle soup topping, or simply go with some rice. I hope it brings a smile to your face. :)

Pulled King Oyster Mushroom Salad Recipe Download:

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