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Green Beans Stir Fry with Ground Beef in Chinese Style: The Saviour For Lazy Days

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

Have you been overwhelmed by the DAILY cooking life since the start of coronavirus?

It's been months that I have to cook at home like ALL THE TIME! Even for me who loves cooking, sometimes it's just too much.

So, we need a super dish that should always in standby in our fridge, which is versatile to go with almost anything. I always cook them in big batches and store in airtight containers. In lazy days, the stir fried green beans can be a great topping for rice/noodles/bread, fillings for pancakes, or simply an appetising snack!

Check out the recipe video here, and download the recipe at the end of the post!

Special tips for the Recipe: Green Beans Stir Fry With Ground Beef

The recipe is as straightforward as it sounds. However, there are some tips to give this recipe an extra punch:

1. Use a bit whiskey to flavour the meat:

Normally in Chinese cooking, we use rice liquor/cooking wine to expel the odor and bloody tastes in meat. In this case, I used my beloved smokey whisky instead, a much more expensive alternative. However, I have to say it's really worth it. The smokey whisky gives a naturally sweet, deep liquor flavour to the meat, with the hint of smokiness at the back. The dish immediately has a unique character. ;)

2. Drip a bit olive oil when boiling the green beans:

The green beans need to withstand minutes of boiling, rounds of stir frying, and days of staying in the fridge. We still want them to look green and fresh when we eat. The trick is to drip in a few drops of olive oil, or any vegetable oil, during the boiling process. The oil will make the green beans stay green, rather than yellow or even brown.

Have fun cooking!

Download the detailed recipe here:

If you are new to Chinese cooking, check out my introductory course to Chinese cooking:

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